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Dr. Pierce Riemer

Director General & Ceo World Petroleum Council

Dr. Pierce Riemer was appointed Director General of the World Petroleum Council in 1999. He is responsible for the WPC secretariat and looking after its 70 member countries. He moved to the World Petroleum Council after nine years with the International Energy Agency, where he set up the Greenhouse Gas Programme in 1990 and was responsible for carbon dioxide capture and storage activities as well as other climate change related projects. He also had responsibility for the technical programmes, demonstration plants, JI, AIJ activities, and studies relating to greenhouse gas emissions from industrial sources at the IEA. During his time at the IEA he also helped set up a monitoring programme for the Sleipner carbon storage activities. In addition, he was part of the IEA delegation to the Kyoto protocol negotiations.

He was the official Liaison with Oakridge National Laboratory (USA) for ETDE and was in charge of management and preparation of expert documents for PROMPT (The Institute for Prospective Technological Studies), for the European Commission.

Previously Dr Riemer was with the British Coal Corporation, where he worked on coal utilization research, clean coal technology, environment, power generation and later ran the Corporate Planning Branch. Prior to this he worked on environmental projects and power generation and clean coal utililisation studies for the National Coal Board and Coal Products Ltd.

Dr Riemer holds a PhD in Applied Chemistry (Gas to Liquids/Catalysis). He is a Chartered Chemist, a graduate of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Fellow of the Energy Institute.

Dr Riemer is the author of over 300 technical papers, more than 60 magazine features and 15 books. He also holds 8 patents.