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Estanislao Irigoyen

Managing Partner of INTELIGENTIA

Estanislao Martín Irigoyen is a Managing Partner at INTELIGENTIA SRL, a company dedicated to the development and implementation of Analytical Solutions with 10 years of experience in the market.

Throughout his professional career he has worked as a researcher and / or as an analyst in Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining in various multinational companies in the sector, as well as in state agencies. He works in areas related to the analysis of information since 1996.

As a consultant he has implemented solutions based on Data Mining and Analytics in a wide variety of industries such as Oil / Gas and Energy, Manufacturing, Agro Business, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Banking / Financial, Health, Telephone, Insurance, Media, etc.

To implementing Analytics in Oil & Gas since 2009 in several companies in Argentina and / or abroad, having publications and presentations in national and international journals and / or conferences on these topics and for this industry.

He has been an assistant teacher in undergraduate degrees at the University of Buenos Aires in matters of Cs. Physics, Cs. Economic and in matters of Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence. He has taught in various extension and postgraduate programs at the IAE, the UAI and the UB in the areas of Statistics, Data Mining, Analytics and Big Data. Since 2018 he is a professor of Big Data and Analyics at the Argentine Institute of Oil and Gas.

He has worked as a researcher and developer of technologies at the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), as a Research Fellow at the Scientific Research Commission of the Province of Buenos Aires (CIC) and at the Techint / UBA Foundation.