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Javier La Rosa

President Chevron Venezuela

Javier joined Chevron in 2000 after gaining an MBA from IESE in Barcelona, Spain. He spent the first 10 years on development of oil & gas growth opportunities and commercial operations in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Currently, he is the President of Chevron Venezuela. Previously he was the President of Chevron Brazil between 2016 and 2018 and President of Chevron Colombia.

Javier gained a Bachelor of Science and Operations Management degree in 1992 at Rutgers University, US. After graduation, he spent six years in Peru working in the manufacturing industry.

Key positions in Chevron:
• President Chevron Venezuela (2018-present)
• President Chevron Brazil (2016-2018)
• President Chevron Colombia (2014-2016)
• President Director Chevron Geothermal (2013-2014)
• General Manager Strategy and Business Planning – IndoAsia (2010-2013)
• Commercial Manager Africa and Latin America (2008-2010)
• Commercial Manager Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago (2005-2007)