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Patrick Maio


Patrick Maio is the founder and CEO of HINICIO, a strategy-consulting firm delivering high value advice on sustainable energy and mobility.

INICIO’s expertise fields cover hydrogen and fuel cells, renewable energies, energy storage, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility.

Since its early days in 2006, Hinicio has developed a unique competence center on hydrogen and fuel cells, now recognized as a leading player in Europe and Latin America in the field.

Patrick led the development of HINICIO across Europe, Latin America since 2009 and Asia since 2018, serving clients in the oil and gas sector, automotive manufacturers, government agencies, corporate investors and multilateral agencies.

Patrick is an electrical engineer with a MBA from Solvay Business School, Belgium, and holds a diploma on “Leading Professional Service Firms” from Harvard Business School. With 20 years of experience in the field of sustainable energy and mobility, leading more than 150 projects in 19 countries, Patrick has a wide-ranging expertise in renewable energies and a solid experience of successfully leading international project teams.

Prior to founding Hinicio, Patrick served as manager at EY for 6 years and director of the European Hydrogen and Fuel cells Technology Platform for 3 years.