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Seferino Yesquén

Chairman of the Board Perupetro

Petroleum Engineer, Master of Engineering in Oil and Gas – National University of Engineering, Master in Management and Administration EOI – Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, Diploma in Advanced Management Program for Executives in Oil and Gas Arizona - USA. Thirty-three years of experience in Management and Operations of Exploration and Exploitation of Oil and Gas in fields of Peru, Argentina and Brazil. Eighteen years in managerial and leadership positions in Perez Companc, PETROBRAS and China National Petroleum Corporation. Former manager of PETROBRAS in: Reservoirs, Technical Support, Production Asset of Block X and Exploratory Asset of Block 58. Former consulting partner in Hidrocarburos Consulting. Extensive experience in the development of Projects for Increase of Oil and Gas Reserves and Production; Strategic Planning, Reserves Management and Resources according to PRMS-SPE, Exploration & Production Projects Management. He currently acts as Chairman of the Board of PERUPETRO, state company of private law of the Energy and Mines Sector, which is responsible, among other functions, to promote investment in exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons activities, as well as negotiation, execution and monitoring of license and service contracts for hydrocarbons.